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World Access Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the sole aim of giving Indians more mobility, freedom, and an opportunity to go global. The Company exclusively focuses on assisting Indian nationals to obtain a citizenship or residency of most preferred countries. With globalization and modernization, the way to achieve growth is by establishing your presence overseas, and the burden-free way to do that is by obtaining a Passport which gives you easy access to the world. With our strong team of qualified professionals, and with our on-ground presence in India, we are poised to deliver the best and achieve success on behalf of our clients. We give a free appointment for first 30 minutes, so feel free to visit us and check it out yourself.


Citizenship By Investment

Globalization has lead to more and more Indian Nationals willing to explore other parts of the world, not just as a mere tourist, but in the true sense be it in terms of giving an opportunity to the next generation for settling overseas or to target international customers or for opening a branch office outside India or it may be as simple as for security reasons or better access to international medical facilities. Following are the most preferred reasons why India is witnessing a surge in demand for obtaining foreign passport, be it obtaining a permanent residency of any European country, or a citizenship of any Caribbean island:

  • 1

    Brand Image

  • 2

    Dollar Hedging

  • 3

    Personal Security

  • 4

    Legal Tax Planning

  • 5

    Geo-political reasons

  • 6

    Visa Hassle-free travel

  • 7

    Investment diversification

  • 8

    An opportunity to younger generation

  • 9

    Scope of expanding business internationally

  • 10

    Access to International standards of health-care

  • 11

    Ability to execute last-minute travel plans

  • 12

    Social Status

Explore various possibilities of getting E2 USA visa through Grenada, E2 USA visa through Turkey, E2 USA visa through Portugal, Permanent Residency and/or Citizenship of Portugal, Dominica, Malta, Antigua & Barbuda, Cyrpus, United Kingdom, and various other nations of the world.

Tax Tools

Point of Comparison or Difference St Kitts & Nevis Montenegro Grenada Turkey St Lucia Portugal
Major Legal Entities P'ship, Company, Trust P'ship, LLP, Company P'ship, Company, Trust Prop., P'ship, LLP, Corp. P'ship, Company, Trust P'ship, LLP, Company
Tax Year Fiscal Year Calendar Year Calendar Year Calendar Year Calendar Year Calendar Year
Individual Stamp Duty 2% to 10% No Zero 0.189% to 0.948% Applicable 10%
Individual Capital Duty Zero No Zero 0.04% No No
Deductions & Allowances Not Required Not Available XCD 36,000 Limited None Available Available
MAT (minimum alternative tax) Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
Transfer Pricing Rules Freedom Compliances Required Freedom Compliances Required Freedom Compliances Required
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