USA (E2)


E2 is a special category wherein anyone willing to live in USA for running a business can do so by opting for an investment under the E2 route. In order to qualify for residing in USA under the E2 route, applicant has an option to invest in his own business which could be a well-established franchisee or otherwise. The best part about the program is that an applicant will be investing in his or her own business and on the basis of which applicant as well as his family will get E2 visa.

Freedom & hassle-free access

To live in USA

Investment options start

US$ 100,000

Processing time

90 days

Stay requirement

As required


Q1. What are the various ways to be eligible under the E2 USA route?

An Indian citizen would need to first obtain citizenship of an eligible country, like Grenada for example, after which an application under E2 can be made. This is because E2 is a treaty-based access route, and hence citizens of only those countries which have a treaty with USA, can take the benefit of E2.

Q2. What are the investment options available?

There are hundreds of investment options available because E2 is not a real-estate or debt-fund restrictive program. Unlike other programs which require a 3rd party investment, under E2, Ownership & Management of the business can be enjoyed directly by the applicant.

Do remember that the investment in USA under E2 is a second step in the process; the first step is to get citizenship of a treaty country which will also require an investment. For e.g., if E2 USA is anticipated via Grenada, then you need to first invest in Grenada for obtaining citizenship. Likewise, if E2 USA is opted via Turkey, then you need to first purchase real estate in Turkey, which will qualify for Turkish Passport and subsequently apply for E2 USA. Apart from Grenada & Turkey, E2 USA can also be applied on the basis of a Montenegro citizenship. Depending on personal preferences, and further considering your long-term objectives, our offices will help you make the right decision.

Q3. Can my spouse come work in USA if I get E2 visa?

Your spouse can apply for a work permit with USCIS on the back of your E2 visa. Within 3 months of your application, USCIS will issue a “Employment Authorization Card – EAC” to your spouse. This is a very powerful access, in the sense that your spouse is not restricted to any one particular employer or type of business. Unlike other categories, for e.g. H1B, wherein your immigration status is solely, directly, and inextricable linked to your employer, your spouse shall have total freedom, whether it is in terms of taking employment, changing employment, or even starting own business.

Q4. Can my children study in USA if I get E2 visa?

Yes, children who are under 21, and unmarried, qualify as dependents; after which they would need to apply for a student visa (“F”) in order to pursue further studies.

Q5. What are the tax implications once I get E2?

You can contact one of our offices to get a customized tax planning solution from a certified International Tax Consultant

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